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My story started in a slum in Brooklyn. 

Only the subway trains I rode on weren't as clean as the one behind me.

A buddy of mine once waxed poetic that guys like us were 'born in the cracks of the American dream.'

That may be true. But it doesn't define us. Everyone has a chance.

Two things very clearly defined my early years: my love of reading and my obsession with the sport of gymnastics. I used to write short stories in middle school, but put away my pen when I discovered gymnastics.  Yep, I was a club gymnast from an urban ghetto working out in YMCAs across the city (a semi-autobiography titled "A DARK HORSE FROM BROOKLYN" is in the not too distant future).


Later, gymnastics led me first to college, then to LA and a career as a Hollywood stuntman.  I stunt-doubled Arsenio Hall, Richard Pryor, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover, David Chappelle, Chris Rock and others. After ten years of jumping off trains and doing fight scenes, I put away my stunt pads and picked up the pen once more to finally pursue my first passion. Writing. I've had more than a dozen scripts I've penned produced as independent films (one was even an HBO World Premiere movie). 


Like you, I'm just a geek or fanboy at heart. I write about the things I love and would love to read about or see on the screen. I write for me. But I think a lot of you are a lot like me. 


My goal is to entertain.  Maybe along the way I'll even try to explore that elusive thing we call the human condition. 


So I hope you like my offbeat literary gut-spilling. I have a lot of fun writing it.

Peace, out.


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