The books I write generally fall into the realms of drama, science-fiction, horror, action adventure, or any combination thereof. They can be young adult, new adult, or adult. They can be stand alone books, trilogies or series. I don't ultimately believe in demographic audiences. I write for everyone, so anyone should be able to enjoy these books no matter what their age, gender, or race. We're all just human after all.  All just cogs in the wheel of life.

The Black Album: A Hollywood Horror Story
Genre: New Adult/Horror Novel 
Word Count: 60,000
Ebook Price: $4.99
Paperbook Price: $11.99
This is the story of the making of a movie about an urban legend that is becoming an urban legend. A film that is now believed to be cursed. Follow the dark adventure of guerrilla filmmaker J.D. Loveless and his starlet Charlotte Rae, two people plagued by disturbing events while making a micro-budget horror movie based on the urban legend of Mathaluh, a long deceased rock band believed to have composed a bootleg record laced with backward satanic lyrics.


Was it all in their heads? Were Satanic forces truly at work? You decide. 



-Beauregard Quixote Freidkin “The Midnite Review” 

"I knew that I was going to love this book after downloading a sample, reading a bit and having a nightmare that evening that I'm convinced was bought on by just dipping a toe into this tome! Considering that I don't do drugs, what else could have me dreaming about being trapped and terrified, desperately seeking an exit from the infamous Hotel California as a demented version of the song, complete with back masking, weaved its way through my subconscious mind? Coincidence? Maybe. But it was enough to prompt me to buy The Black Album after my heart rate returned to normal and before I willed myself back to sleep. The book did not disappoint. A story within a story, it had so many layers, like a onion of horror waiting to be peeled; Satanism, human sacrifice, suicide and dark urban legends best left alone. There's also rock and roll from hell, unbridled hubris, pop culture references and even a dash of romance. I'm not going to reveal how these elements play out together or the particulars of the curse that plagued all those even vaguely connected to The Black Album, but a word of warning, while totally engrossed in this book, my apartment very nearly went ablaze. Coincidence? Maybe..."

-Gidget's Gadget

Spook: Confessions Of A Psychic Spy
Genre: Adult/Espionage/Sci-Fi/Novel Series
Word Count: 61,000
Ebook Price: $4.99
Paperback Price: $11.99

In 1961, during the hottest days of the Cold War, at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, in a time when the Superpowers are deploying psychic spies behind the Iron Curtain to engage in intrigue and espionage, the CIA discovers a man who just may be the most powerful remote viewer of them all: a Black prison convict named John.

Although they hate him because of the color of his skin, although they fear him because of his unnatural abilities, the CIA secretly ‘baptizes’ John into the world of espionage. From Montgomery, Alabama to Istanbul, Turkey, from the Orient Express to Washington, D.C., from Marilyn Monroe’s final moments to the Cuban Missile Crisis countdown, John walks unseen through the annals of history, in its shadow.

And this is only book one. 



-Beauregard Quixote Freidkin “The Midnite Review” 

"I can't say enough good things about this book and I know whatever review I leave here will not truly do it justice. So here's my best shot—Spook: Confessions of a Psychic Spy is riveting. I know that word gets thrown around a lot when describing books, but this book really earns the adjective. It is everything you could possibly want from a spy novel and then some. The characters are fantastic, the writing is exceptional, and the story keeps you guessing and wanting more. When the second book in the series is released, I will definitely be in the front of the line.
Do yourself a favor and get this book today. You won't be able to put it down."


-Amazon Customer

"What an exciting read! This is the second novel I've read by the author and I was NOT disappointed. The mix of conspiracy theories, US history, and the paranormal is done remarkably well and leaves you wondering if perhaps the storyline is based on some truth... which is creepy! Definitely recommended for anyone who likes thrillers, conspiracy theories, and surprising plot twists. Write the next one so we can find out what happens to John next!"


The Moonbeam Rider

Genre: Young Adult/Sci-Fi/Romance/Adventure/Novel Trilogy

Word Count: 77,000

Ebook Price: $4.99

Paperback Price: $12.73


Noa Ash, a lonely teenage girl making entries into her personal journal, takes us on an astounding adventure. After she is orphaned during an alien attack, Noa is sent to live with a stern grandmother she has never known on Shadow - a once sunny beach that was warped into a hellish place of fog and darkness by a meteorite shower. There Noa finds an old surfboard and begins riding the beach’s cruel waves. As she learns to surf, Noa goes through a transformation of body and soul that turns her from a helpless nobody into a true heroine.

But fate has an even stranger destiny in mind for Noa when she discovers an underwater cavern where an archaic robot lay rusting. Only the robot is not a robot. It is a vessel. To resurrect it - the only weapon on Earth Noa believes can stop the alien occupation - she will have to transfer her life force - her soul - into the battered metal hull to pilot it. Aiding Noa in her mission is a strange boy from another time. A boy who Noa finds herself inexplicably drawn to.


"The Diary of Anne Frank meets War of the Worlds."

-Beauregard Quixote Freidkin "The Midnite Review" 

"I found it to be a fantastic novel. From the storyline to the characters as well it's excellent, specially the young girl protagonist, really touching, very brave and vigorous, and at the same time sweet and sensitive."

"About the main theme of the novel, even though at first it could be science fiction, I think that it goes beyond that and insinuates a perfectly real social critique. Because of all that I have the impression that the profile of readers interested in it could be very wide, when it comes to age as well as interests: adventure, fiction, solidarity. I hope Book 2 will come out soon!"

"This book is probably the best book I've ever read. When I was reading the book I felt as if I was with Noa and I was feeling what she was feeling. It was absolutely amazing!"

-Amazon Customers


Genre: Gothic Horror/Sci-Fi/Novel

Word Count: 84,000

Ebook Price: $4.99

Paperback Price:  $19.99

Bonus short story: MADAME FRANKENSTEIN by Carlton Holder

One dark and stormy night Mary Shelley set out to scare her schoolmates. She ended up terrifying the world. So lock the door. Turn on your bedside lamp. Pull the covers close as you read one of the scariest novels in history. Published in 1818, as the two hundredth anniversary of that event is upon us, we release this BICENTENNIAL EDITION of the Gothic horror classic that still haunts dreams even today. Frankenstein is a horrific allegory of the consequences of playing God. One cannot merely turn away from the things one has created, because there may come a reckoning. Frankenstein’s monster, a wretch and fiend so ghastly that to look upon him instills terror in even the bravest soul, is a creature to be both hated and pitied. Frankenstein, which is also perhaps the first modern science fiction novel, is a tragedy that will resound throughout the annals of literary history for all eternity. We have included in this landmark edition the following:

A beautifully handcrafted OIL PAINTING for our cover by New York artist Jamie Holder, vivid new CHAPTER TITLES that will give you goosebumps as you peruse the pages, a FOREWORD by Beauregard Quixote Freidkin, a.k.a. the Freak King, a crusading university journalist of things that go bump in the night, the entire gory ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT by Mary Shelley, and a RE-IMAGINATION SHORT STORY penned by screenwriter and novelist Carlton Holder as an UNTOLD CHAPTER left out of Victor Frankenstein’s own chilling final account.


So enjoy, and sweet nightmares.


"Brilliant groundbreaking work by an 18-year-old child."

"No one had ever published anything like this before when Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. A reader tends to be unaware of the implications of cliches in a seminal work until he or she realizes that the author is inventing those cliches in the course of writing, and that they have been used over and over again in subsequent works of others - sometimes creatively and sometimes not so much."

"I suggest tossing aside all the derivatives that have come of young Mary Wollstonecraft's work in the past two hundred-odd years and getting to know this monster of a book on its own peculiar terms." 


-Amazon Customers




Genre: Gothic Horror/Novel

Word Count: 159,000

Ebook Price: $4.99

Paperback: $19.99

An unnatural fog rises in a dimly lit alley, taking the form of a tall gaunt man with pale skin, blood red lips, and bone white teeth. Wolves howl in the hills. Bats twirl and dance in the midnight sky. Count Dracula has come to London. 

Since his creation by Bram Stroker over a century ago, Dracula has been the mold from which all other vampires have been cast. In a bygone era he had been the fearless ruler of Transylvania, wearing the heads of his vanquished enemies on the end of his spear for all to see. Later, Dracula conquered death itself when he invoked the rite of the vampyr and became one of the undead. From Castle Dracula, for centuries, his legacy of blood stained the countryside and terrified the populace he feasted upon. Now Dracula seeks to conquer a new land: England. And it's up to Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker, and Mina Murray to keep the Count from spreading his unholy curse throughout the streets of London, creating a whole new legion of nosferatu.

"There is a reason why Dracula is classified as a classic and everything about this story qualifies it for that designation. This is the third time I have read this book and it still gives me chills. The unique style of telling the story using personal diaries, correspondence, a ship's log, physician's journal, newspaper accounts and the like, defines the characters and these accounts take you though the twists and turns of the story. Even though the book was written over a hundred years ago, you will not encounter archaic English. This book is timeless and it is the standard for the vampire genre. Just as interesting is the background for how Dracula came to be written. I challenge you to look that up. It is fascinating."

-Amazon Customer










Genre: New Adult/Horror/Sci-Fi/Novella Series
Word Count: 40,000
Ebook Price: $3.99
Paperback Price: $8.99

It’s just an ordinary day at RACHEL STATE UNIVERSITY, where an unusual light in the night sky always leads to weekend long UFO themed keggers and campus-wide drunken debauchery. But when you’re located just off the Extraterrestrial Highway near top secret military base AREA 51, an ordinary day just isn’t very ordinary at all. 


Then again, nothing’s ever been normal for Beauregard Quixote Freidkin, a RSU student of Mexican and German descent who, due to a life altering encounter with a ghost website, has become a divining rod for the bizarre. And when Quixote begins to host a campus radio show where he spins retro Eighties music and explores urban legends, he comes to the attention of some very strange people. As well as dark forces who don’t want their unholy mechanisms brought into the light of day by this freak king. 


Van Wilder meets Fox Mulder in dark and deliciously irreverent adventures.

"The author loves his early 80s music and his horror tropes. But, the story is original and very enjoyable. Hope we haven't seen the last of Quixote."


- Amazon Customer


Genre: New Adult/Horror/Three Part Serial
Word Count: 13,330
Ebook Price: $1.99

“Play it backwards, summon him well. The Demon Jeremy will rise from Hell. Through the soul or through the flesh, the front man eternal will not rest. One night only to find your sin, one soul out, another soul in.”


GRACE LYNN, a young Native American woman who has spent the last seven years in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles unsuccessfully trying to carve out a career as a singer, returns to the small town mountain community she had grown up in upon learning of her mother’s death.


The day is October 31st. Halloween. It’s also Grace’s birthday.


Reunited with her stepsister and three childhood friends for a night of wicked revelry, Grace discovers an old bootleg record that had been made by unsung rock group MATHALUH, right before the band died in a fiery blaze in 1972.


Urban legend has it that the members of Mathaluh had sacrificed a runaway teenage groupie in a ritual in which they sold their souls for fortune and fame. But the Devil, being the father of all lies, had tricked them. Instead of fame, he gave them infamy. The kind of infamy only sudden and violent death can achieve.


When Grace plays the record in reverse, the Satanic lyrics it is imbued with summon the damned soul of the lead singer JEREMY back to Earth. Now this Demon wants a new body to roam the world in. And he’s chosen Grace’s. Now she has one night to stand against all the forces of Hell, for her immortal soul. 

"I usually don't read scary or horror books, but this book was great! I'm a big baby and there was even a part where I had to stop reading at night because I got scared. But the story was interesting and pulled me in, I have already recommended this book to my friends."

- Amazon Customer

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