An unnatural fog rises in a dimly lit alley, taking the form of a tall gaunt man with pale skin, blood red lips, and bone white teeth. Wolves howl in the hills. Bats twirl and dance in the midnight sky. Count Dracula has come to London.


Since his creation by Bram Stroker over a century ago, Dracula has been the mold from which all other vampires have been cast. In a bygone era he had been the fearless ruler of Transylvania, wearing the heads of his vanquished enemies on the end of his spear for all to see. Later, Dracula conquered death itself when he invoked the rite of the vampyr and became one of the undead. From Castle Dracula, for centuries, his legacy of blood stained the countryside and terrified the populace he feasted upon. Now Dracula seeks to conquer a new land: England. And it’s up to Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker, and Mina Murray to keep the Count from spreading his unholy curse throughout the streets of London, creating a whole new legion of nosferatu. 



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