One dark and stormy night Mary Shelley set out to scare her schoolmates. She ended up terrifying the world. So lock the door. Turn on your bedside lamp. Pull the covers close as you read one of the scariest novels in history. Published in 1818, as the two hundredth anniversary of that event is upon us, we release this BICENTENNIAL EDITION of the Gothic horror classic that still haunts dreams even today. Frankenstein is a horrific allegory of the consequences of playing God. One cannot merely turn away from the things one has created, because there may come a reckoning. Frankenstein’s monster, a wretch and fiend so ghastly that to look upon him instills terror in even the bravest soul, is a creature to be both hated and pitied. Frankenstein, which is also perhaps the first modern science fiction novel, is a tragedy that will resound throughout the annals of literary history for all eternity. We have included in this landmark edition the following:


A beautifully handcrafted OIL PAINTING for our cover by New York artist Jamie Holder, vivid new CHAPTER TITLES that will give you goosebumps as you peruse the pages, a FOREWORD by Beauregard Freidkin, a.k.a. the Freak King, a crusading university journalist of things that go bump in the night, the entire gory ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT by Mary Shelley, and a RE-IMAGINATION SHORT STORY penned by screenwriter and novelist Carlton Holder as an UNTOLD CHAPTER left out of Victor Frankenstein’s own chilling final account.


So enjoy, and sweet nightmares. 



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