It’s just an ordinary day at RACHEL STATE UNIVERSITY, where an unusual light in the night sky always leads to weekend long UFO themed keggers and campus-wide drunken debauchery. But when you’re located just off the Extraterrestrial Highway near top secret military base AREA 51, an ordinary day just isn’t very ordinary at all.

Then again, nothing’s ever been normal for Beauregard Quixote Freidkin, a RSU student of Mexican and German descent who, due to a life altering encounter with a ghost website, has become a divining rod for the bizarre. And when Quixote begins to host a campus radio show where he spins retro Eighties music and explores urban legends, he comes to the attention of some very strange people. As well as dark forces who don’t want their unholy mechanisms brought into the light of day by this freak king. Van Wilder meets Fox Mulder in dark and deliciously irreverent adventures. 

Midnite Review Of The Freak King


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