“Play it backwards, summon him well. The Demon Jeremy will rise from Hell. Through the soul or through the flesh, the front man eternal will not rest. One night only to find your sin, one soul out, another soul in.”


GRACE LYNN, a young Native American woman who has spent the last seven years in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles unsuccessfully trying to carve out a career as a singer, returns to the small town mountain community she had grown up in upon learning of her mother’s death.


The day is October 31st. Halloween. It’s also Grace’s birthday.


Reunited with her stepsister and three childhood friends for a night of wicked revelry, Grace discovers an old bootleg record that had been made by unsung rock group MATHALUH, right before the band died in a fiery blaze in 1972.


Urban legend has it that the members of Mathaluh had sacrificed a runaway teenage groupie in a ritual in which they sold their souls for fortune and fame. But the Devil, being the father of all lies, had tricked them. Instead of fame, he gave them infamy. The kind of infamy only sudden and violent death can achieve.


When Grace plays the record in reverse, the Satanic lyrics it is imbued with summon the damned soul of the lead singer JEREMY back to Earth. Now this Demon wants a new body to roam the world in. And he’s chosen Grace’s. Now she has one night to stand against all the forces of Hell, for her immortal soul. 

The Black Album/Book One


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