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April 16, 2018

Frankenstein has always interested me from my very first glimpse of him as a kid in the Warner Brothers movies starring Boris Karloff. The giant with the green flesh, bolts sticking out of this neck, and square head fascinated me with his anguish and violent rage. But I later learned, he wasn't the real Frankenstein's monster at all. Mary Shelley's version was all the more terrifying because he wasn't some mindless automaton. He had intelligence. Frankenstein's monster put his intellect to good use, visiting his revenge over and over again on his maker Victor Frankenstein. 


Frankenstein is a horrific allegory of the consequences of playing God. The monster, a wretch and fiend so ghastly that to look upon him instills terror in even the bravest soul, is a creature to be both hated and pitied. The story, which is also perhaps the first modern science fiction novel, is a tragedy that will resound throughout the annals of literary history for all eternity. 


The fact that 2018 marks the two hundredth anniversary of the novel, made me want to commemorate the event. I re-released the book. SEE MY EDITION. Then I went one step further. I wrote a short story that starts out as a lost chapter to Victor's manuscript confessional. I hope I have done the novel justice. 


I think Frankenstein's appeal, even today, is truly amazing. He's the monster we love to hate. Maybe that' because in many ways, he's a lot like you and I. 



Here's the back cover description of my MADAME FRANKENSTEIN: "This is not the story you think it is. Upon reading the above title, images of Victor Frankenstein manically sewing together the body parts of corpses to make a mate for his monster spring to mind. But this is far from that. In Mary Shelley’s novel, a guilt-ridden Victor never completes this grizzly task. It was left to Hollywood to bring a female monster to life. That’s not what this story is about. I’ve written the first part as a missing chapter to Shelley’s original work. It takes place after the events of Victor’s wedding night during which the vengeful monster strangles his bride Elizabeth Lavenza. It takes place before Victor goes to the ends of the earth seeking to destroy his creature at the Arctic Circle. My story is about Victor’s successful attempt to bring his wife back from the dead. Well, you can judge for yourself if it’s successful or not. The woman returns to the realm of the living. But is she the same Elizabeth? Did Elizabeth’s soul return to her mortal vessel? Or did something else come back? Something with unnatural strength, prolonged life, and unseemly appetites. The rest of this story takes place over a hundred years later. Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein has returned to her family villa in Italy to live in seclusion. The year is 1938. Adolf Hitler, obsessed with the supernatural, has dispatched soldiers throughout the world to hunt such treasures. One day an SS officer shows up on Madame Frankenstein’s doorstep with a squad of Nazi soldiers. And he seems to know her secret. But just who is the hunter and who is the prey? Read on and find out."


Anyway, I'm presenting my short story for free. Just click on the image. Happy horrors.








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